Jefferson Senior High School. Photo via Svg person, Wikimedia Commons.
Jefferson Senior High School. Photo via Svgperson, Wikimedia Commons.

Dozens of students walked out of classes at Jefferson Senior High School and staged a rally and sit-in today to protest what they called troubles in class-scheduling that left them unable to attend classes needed to graduate.

The students said the problems seemed to be exclusive to the Jefferson campus, 1319 E. 41st St., and said the school’s administrators were doing little to fix the issues.

The students continued the rally until about midday, when they returned to class. There were no reports of any troubles or arrests associated with the sit-in.

Los Angeles Unified School District officials conceded that some adjustments had been made to the “master schedule” last week, but the changes were made “in the best interests of students.”

“We learned that parts of the previous schedule were unacceptable: all Advanced Placement classes were slotted in the same period, limiting students’ access to a college curriculum,” according to LAUSD area superintendent Tommy Chang. “The same was true for core content classes for English Learners, limiting

their access to various subjects as all were scheduled at the same time.”

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