Photo by John Schreiber.
Photo by John Schreiber.

A statewide panel that represents student governments across the University of California has voted  to urge that UC end any investments in companies that aid in the Israeli occupation of the West Bank.

The UC Student Association also urged the UC regents to sell off holdings in bonds and other securities of the governments of eight other countries — including the United States — that activists said are violating human rights, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The panel voted 9 to 1 with 6 abstentions for the pro-divestment items during a passionate meeting at UCLA on Sunday that triggered protests from pro- Israel students, according to the newspaper.

Six undergraduate student governments on individual UC campuses previously voted for similar calls for divestment from firms that aid the Israeli military. The difference Sunday was that an extra resolution also denounced human rights violations by Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, Sri Lanka and the United States and urged the regents to drop any holdings in government securities of those countries.

The U.S. was  denounced for its drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen, and for its disproportionate imprisonment of minorities and immigrants who entered the country illegally.

Rebecca Ora, external vice president of UC Santa Cruz Graduate Student Association, proposed the wider resolution as a compromise for some pro-Israel students who feel Israel was held to an unfair standard and that the actions of other nations were being ignored, according to the Daily Bruin, the UCLA student newspaper.

—City News Service

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