Photo by John Schreiber.
Photo by John Schreiber.

Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Ramon Cortines on Thursday suspended all commercial filming at the district’s campuses in response to a broadcast report alleging some film shoots have disrupted campus operations, damaged equipment and featured questionable content.

NBC4 reported this week that some of the filming involved racy material, such as the Cameron Diaz film “Bad Teacher,” and at least one pornographic film shoot at Alexander Hamilton High School in Los Angeles.

“I recently asked the district’s inspector general to examine filming activities at our schools, and that review is under way,” Cortines said. “I have also asked staff to review existing practices and, if necessary, to update the district’s procedures. As such, I have decided to temporarily suspend all commercial filming at our schools.

“It is important that we ensure teaching and learning are not disrupted, and that all filming activity is appropriate for our schools. As an organization responsible for educating students, it is essential that we hold ourselves and our schools to a high standard.”

According to NBC4, a pornographic film known as “Revenge of the Petites” was filmed at the Hamilton campus on two consecutive Saturdays in October 2011, including a car wash scene that included public nudity in the school’s front parking lot.

District spokeswoman Shannon Haber told the station the production company violated the terms of its filming agreement with the campus, and the company was informed immediately that “it was banned from ever using district facilities again. We also demanded that the company remove any and all images depicting the school or its students from the film.”

NBC4 also reported that filming activity at University High School led to delayed or relocated classes and cancellation of sports practices. One student told the station that she remembers times when film crews on campus led to longer walks to classes.

“I remember times when a one-minute walk might turn into a seven-minute walk,” student Alissa Nardo told Channel 4.

— City News Service

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