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A lawsuit was filed against the Lennox School District on behalf of a 14-year-old girl who was allegedly beaten on campus by a fellow student while others made a video of the confrontation and posted part of it online.

The plaintiff is identified only as Destiny R. in the Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit filed Tuesday by her parents, Keith R. and Fabiola R. The suit alleges negligent supervision, assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The suit seeks unspecified damages.

A Lennox School District representative could not be immediately reached.

According to the complaint, Destiny, then 13, was on school grounds at Lennox Middle School on Jan. 16 when she was approached by a group of fellow students. One of the other pupils, a girl named Jennifer, said, “We gotta talk,” the lawsuit states.

Another girl in the group said to a companion, “Record it,” the suit states.

Worried that Jennifer might want to fight her, Destiny asked, “Are you sure this is just a talk or is it something else?,” the suit states.

Jennifer insisted she just wanted to talk, according to the complaint.

However, a member of Jennifer’s group told her, “Just swing at her already,” the suit states. Destiny replied that she and Jennifer were just talking, according to the complaint.

However, Jennifer repeatedly punched Destiny after the plaintiff turned back to face her, the suit states. Destiny also was knocked to the ground and choked, the suit states.

Jennifer also smashed Destiny’s head into the ground repeatedly, according to the lawsuit.

“This beating of Destiny went on for a substantial period of time and … no personnel from the school intervened or did anything to stop this vicious beating,” the suit states.

Part of the attack on the girl was posted online using the Kik Messenger app, the suit states.

After the assault, students from the school teased Destiny and Jennifer stalked her, the suit states.

Destiny was forced to transfer to another school district far from her home because she feared Jennifer or other students at Lennox School would beat her up again and because she did not believe her teachers, principal or security personnel could keep her safe, the suit states.

“Destiny also had to adjust to a new school and its curriculum and to make new friends,” the suit states. “This event disrupted her school life, her home life, her entire life.”

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