Several people attending a public El Rancho Unified School District board meeting called for El Rancho High School teacher Gregory Salcido to be fired over his anti-military rants.

The bleachers in the El Rancho gym were overflowing Tuesday evening as hundreds of local residents showed up to speak about Salcido, whose controversial statements went viral two weeks ago, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reported. More than 40 people spoke at the meeting to condemn Salcido’ comments, including him questioning military members’ intelligence and stating, “They’re not high-level thinkers.”

The meeting was held in the gym to accommodate the large crowd. It was kicked off by the district’s newly hired attorney telling the audience that he advised board members not to respond to speakers so as not to appear biased.

“The individual involved is entitled to the presumption of innocence,” said attorney Bonifacio Garcia. “I get the emotion, and I do want to emphasize that the process is to search for the truth. And as much as the emotions are going by, I cannot emphasize how important it is for the board not to make a judgment about what the facts are yet.”

Several people said that if the board does not fire Salcido, who is on paid administrative leave, the community would vote board members out of office.

“If you do not do what your community is asking of you, each one of you can be recalled, believe me,” said Robert Perez, a local resident and veteran, according to the Tribune. “They’re asking for you to do what’s right. Fire Salcido. That is up to you, nobody else but you.”

Board Vice President Gabriel Orosco vowed the board will do what’s right for the community.

“We will act swiftly,” Orosco said, according to the Tribune. “We will be diligent. We will be just. We will be just for our students because, at the end of the day, that’s what matters …”


—City News Service

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