A total of 146 road improvement and related infrastructure projects in Orange County are slated to receive millions of dollars in state funds, the California Transportation Commission announced Wednesday.

More than 30 cities within the OC are on the CTC’s list of eligible recipients for some portion of the SB 1 Road Repair & Accountability Act allotment for fiscal year 2018-19. Orange County’s unincorporated communities are also on the list, with 42 projects designated for support.

State officials estimate $1.2 billion will be available from revenue collections at the gas pump.

“The projects funded by the gas tax provide important safety and quality-of-life improvements like maintaining and rehabilitating bridges, repainting crosswalks so kids can get to school safely and filling potholes to prevent costly vehicle repairs,” said CTC Chairwoman Fran Inman.

SB 1 was enacted in 2017 as a 10-year petrol tax and vehicle license fee increase. However, voters will decide in November whether the tax hikes remain in place.

The commission’s list of proposed recipients of 2018-19 SB 1 revenue will be finalized in August, when the exact allotments to each city will be disclosed.

According to officials, 450 cities and 57 counties statewide have been provisionally approved to receive support for over 2,200 projects. Funding for each endeavor must be accounted for in reports to the commission, officials said.

Information about the SB 1 program is available at www.catc.ca.gov/programs/sb1/lsrp/ .

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