The Palm Springs Public Library announced Thursday that it will no longer charge overdue fines beginning next month.

Library officials will also forgive prior overdue fines in a bid to make the library more accessible for residents. Currently, 12 percent of the library’s adult accounts are blocked with overdue fines and 21 percent of children’s accounts are blocked, according to Director of Library Service Jeannie Kays.

“Our goal is to make sure patrons can enjoy all the books and services the library has to offer,” Kays said. “Overdue fines can prevent some patrons, especially children, from checking out books and other materials from the library. The public library should be an accessible learning portal to children and adults.”

Library officials said that “Just bring it back!” will be the new slogan regarding item returns, as overdue fines typically cost more to collect than the library makes back from the fines, which make up less than one percent of the library’s operating budget.

Though overdue fines will be forgiven and eliminated after July 1, lost item fees will still apply and borrowing privileges may be revoked if items are more than seven days overdue or if fees in excess of $5 have been accrued.

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