The California Animal Welfare Association announced Friday it has elected Los Angeles County Animal Care & Control Director Marcia Mayeda to serve as its next president.

“I am honored to be elected as president of CalAnimals,” Mayeda said in a statement. “CalAnimals is a leader in animal welfare, and I feel grateful for the opportunity to work with a remarkable board of directors and lead the premier resource for animal welfare agencies throughout the state.”

Mayeda, who has led L.A. County Animal Care & Control since 2001, has roughly 35 years of experience in the field.

CalAnimals is the state’s recognized professional organization representing animal care and control agencies throughout the state. CalAnimals also provides training, education and resources, while also lobbying on animal-welfare-related legislative matters.

According to the agency, Mayeda has listed expanding the types of veterinary care that may be provided in animal shelters, moving animal care learning programs online, adding another animal control officer training academy and guiding animal-welfare agencies through the coronavirus pandemic as her top priorities.

The LACACC is the nation’s largest animal care and control agency, overseeing the care of approximately 60,000 animals each year in all unincorporated areas in L.A County, as well as 44 cities that contract with the agency.

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