The College of the Desert website and other web services remained down Tuesday following a weekend malware attack, although it is not believed attackers stole personal information belonging to students, staff and faculty, college officials said.

As the college braces for the fall semester to begin virtually next week, an exact time that the college’s web services, including college email, would return to normal was not provided.

Few specifics about the Sunday attack were made public.

Although a malware attack typically involves the usage of malicious software to gain access to personal information, or for other purposes related to financial gain, COD officials said there is no evidence at the moment to suggest that attackers stole personal information belonging to students, staff and faculty.

“The restoration process requires extensive system and data testing. We will not risk resuming operations before testing the stability and reliability of the system,” COD Superintendent/President Joel Kinnamon said. “While we cannot provide an exact timeframe for the complete remediation of college systems, we are working diligently to ensure systems and operations are restored as soon as possible.”

Immediately following the attack, COD hired an outside cyber forensics firm to assist college staff in investigating what happened, and to begin recovery efforts.

Students will not be dropped from their classes due to nonpayment of fees while the college’s systems are down, officials said.

The college’s emergency text alert system will continue to provide updates and information to all faculty, staff and students while systems remain down, the college said.

Students can continue to reach the Counseling Office through the college’s “Cranium Cafe” by going to

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