Vernon has been annexed into the Greater Los Angeles County Vector Control District, giving residents and commercial property owners in the city permanent access to mosquito control services, officials said Tuesday.

“The annexation of Vernon into our District will help fill service gaps and ensure that the city and surrounding communities in the Southeast Los Angeles region are protected from mosquito-borne illnesses,” said Truc Dever, general manager for GLACVCD.

The 5.2-square-mile city joins the District’s 35 member cities and unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County. District services will be funded by a property assessment and a small portion of ad valorem property taxes. A standard single-family home in Vernon should expect to pay $14.67 this year, while a commercial property’s assessment rate will be determined on property size and use.

“Mosquito control is essential in reducing the spread of mosquito-borne diseases and ensuring the health and well-being of our residents, workers and neighbors,” said Freddie Agyin, director of Health and Environmental Control for Vernon. “We are delighted to join the Greater LA County Vector Control District, and we are excited to leverage their robust educational outreach programs to provide valuable tools and resources to our Vernon community.”

The city approached the District in 2016 to request joining the agency’s service jurisdiction. The Los Angeles County Local Agency Formation Commission gave the green light for the District and city to enter into an Out of Agency Service Agreement in July 2017 as the two entities began the process for annexation.

With the agreement, the District began to provide comprehensive vector control, disease surveillance, and community outreach and education, and billed the city quarterly for services rendered.

The District and city completed the annexation process with LAFCO on July 19.

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