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The Southern California Water Committee and Clear Channel Outdoor Tuesday announced the return of their joint “Lawn Dude” digital billboard campaign to encourage water conservation.

The mascot encourages Californians to conserve by using a playful voice to call attention to areas of high water use, such as outdoor landscaping.

“I’m fresh off a water cleanse and have never looked better, thanks to that H2O diet Governor Brown put me on,” said Lawn Dude. “I know people thought I might be all dried up, but I’m back and ready to kick some grass.”

New artwork features Lawn Dude sporting a more drought-friendly style, with dry patches that have emerged from diligent conservation.

“The Lawn Dude campaign has been a valuable way for the Southern California Water Committee to grab the public’s attention when it comes to outdoor water conservation, going beyond the limitations typically placed on what public agencies and water districts can say,” said Charles Wilson, chair of the SCWC Board of Trustees. “Because of Clear Channel Outdoor’s generous donation, Lawn Dude will continue to be able to reach people to remind them to keep saving water during these hot summer months.”

CCO regularly donates space on its digital and traditional billboards to display public safety and public awareness messages.

The ads have appeared on digital billboards across Southern California through July and will continue until the end of August. Southern Californians are encouraged to continue interacting with @Lawn–Dude on Twitter and share billboard sightings, personal water-saving practices, and photos of their drought-tolerant yards.

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—City News Service


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