Photo via Southern California Gas Co.
Photo via Southern California Gas Co.

If your bill from Southern California Gas Co. is difficult to figure out or has unexpectedly increased, the utility offered some suggestions Monday for getting answers to billing questions.

“We recognize that gas bills can sometimes be confusing, and concerning if they suddenly go up,” said Gillian Wright, the utility’s vice president of customer services. “We want our customers to get the information they need to have confidence that their gas bill is correct, and understand what they are getting charged for.”

Company officials have acknowledged that some recent bills may have seemed more expensive. But they said those increased costs were likely due to colder weather and subsequent greater gas usage, or because “some SoCalGas customers may also have had longer than 30-days’ use on their bills due to changes in meter reading schedules.”

The company said it has experienced no general technical problems with its meters, but that bills can “sometimes be complex, and SoCalGas offers easy- to-use online tools to help customers understand them.”

Customers can find information about what’s happening with their Gas Co. bill by logging into “My Account” or creating an account on Select “Ways to Save,” then go to “Compare Bills” and view “Bill Highlights.”

“There, customers can find energy and bill analysis tools that allow them to analyze differences between bills, understand the effects of weather on energy use, see the number of billing days on the bill, and even create customized energy savings plans.” according to a company statement.

“The more than four and a half million customers who have Advanced Meters are able to access even more detailed information about their hourly and daily gas usage and costs through the ‘Analyze Usage’ online tool within the My Account, ‘Ways to Save’ section,” according to the utility.

Those customers are also eligible to sign up for weekly Bill Tracker Alerts, via phone texts or email, to track their projected gas bill during the billing cycle.   ‘Customers can enroll in Bill Tracker Alerts and other billing and payment- related notifications through “Manage My Account,” “Manage Alerts,” within “My Account.”

The company said customers with advanced or traditional meters may also check their  readings themselves. Instructions are posted at here.

— City News Service 

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