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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, who will take the national stage when he speaks at the Democratic National Convention next week, acknowledged Friday he missed seeing the acceptance speech of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, but “it’s on my playlist.”

While the Democratic mayor said he may view the video to see Trump’s fiery talk Thursday night, he criticized the billionaire candidate for attacking opponents and holding himself out as the one person who can save America.

“I want a leader who can bring people together,” Garcetti said. “For me, that’s Hillary Clinton. Her theme is ‘Stronger Together,’ and I believe that’s the core of America.

“Enough of the finger-pointing, enough of the blaming, enough of the ‘one person can save this country,”‘ Garcetti told reporters after a news conference on the city’s mid-year crime statistics.

“One person has never saved this country — it’s only when all of us are engaged together, and I think that’s the difference that we’ll see next week …,” he said.

Garcetti didn’t indicate what he was doing instead of watching Trump as the GOP nominee spoke to the Republican convention and the nation for more than an hour on live TV.

Garcetti, sometimes mentioned as a possible rising star in state or national Democratic politics, said that when he speaks at the DNC in Philadelphia next week, he plans to address the feeling of alienation that many Americans feel toward their government.

“My message is that I think Americans right now feel shut out by government,” he said. “They feel like Washington won’t vote on immigration reform, won’t take up infrastructure to rebuild our crumbling streets, won’t do the things that the majority of Americans would want.”

Garcetti said he plans to represent mayors and other city officials who do not have the luxury “to play politics.”

“We actually have to do things here, so that’s why we have tens of thousands of people who we are making citizens,” he said. “That’s why we’re rebuilding our port, our airport, paving our streets and our sidewalks. And for me, you know, that’s what we need in our next leader, not somebody who is going to find a common enemy, but find a common purpose.”

Garcetti is one of several major-city mayors who will be speaking at the event. The mayors of Atlanta, New York City, Philadelphia, Boston, Detroit and Tallahassee will also be addressing DNC attendees.

Former Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and Reps. Maxine Waters, Ted Lieu, Adam Schiff and Xavier Becerra are among the Los Angeles contingent speaking at the event, which takes place July 25-28.

Los Angeles elected officials attending or serving other roles at the DNC include City Council members Joe Buscaino, David Ryu, Bob Blumenfield and Marqueece Harris-Dawson.

—Staff and wire reports

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