Ted Lieu

A Democratic member of Congress thinks Donald Trump’s demand for a federal probe of alleged wiretapping of Trump campaign phones is a great idea.

Why? Because it would mean a federal judge in secret OK’d the wiretap due to finding that probable cause existed that there were “agents of a foreign power at Trump Tower.”

Rep. Ted W. Lieu, D-Los Angeles, came out Monday in full support of President Donald Trump’s call for an investigation into what he says was the wiretapping of Trump Tower on the orders of then-president Barack Obama, but Lieu’s comments were not intended to show backing for the president’s stand.

“Bring it on,” Lieu said in a statement. “I fully support the White House’s request for Congressional investigations into President Trump’s explosive claim that Trump Tower was wiretapped.”

If the claim is true, Lieu said, it would mean that a a federal judge serving on a Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act panel reviewed evidence “and found probable cause there were agents of a foreign power at Trump Tower.”

In terms of transgressions, “we could be looking at a situation far worse than Watergate,” Lieu said, adding that “the American people need to know if Donald Trump or his associates colluded with the Russian government during the election last year.”

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