Photo by John Schreiber.
Photo by John Schreiber.

Movie stars, sparkling beaches and astronomically high housing prices — that’s what comes to mind for many people when hearing about “Malibu.”

But there’s another side to Malibu, and so the town’s City Council has voted to send President Trump a message by declarinig the world-famous location an official “sanctuary city.”

The Malibu City Council voted 3-2 to declare the city to be a sanctuary city, and not assist the federal government enforce immigration laws.

The issue had divided the city for weeks, but the council majority Monday said they were concerned by reports that 80 students in Malibu’s public schools are either in the country without legal permission or children of people in the country without legal permission.

Councilman Rick Mullen argued against the measure Monday night saying, “If we were Poughkeepsie, New York, this would not make the evening news. But when you have a small town with worldwide name recognition, that makes the news.”

Mullen called the motion “public relations propaganda” to support a political position.

Councilwoman Laura Rosenthal noted that the City Council had voted to oppose the Dakota Access Pipeline in late December.

“It is time to have the courage to show the people that come here and the people who live here and the young people who go to school here that they will be protected here,” Rosenthal said.

The city receives less than $50,000 in federal funds, making the possible financial consequences minor, supporters said.

—City News Service

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