Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. Photo by John Schreiber.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti probably makes more money than you do — a lot more money.

Garcetti is number two on the list of highest paid mayors in California, raking in a tax-supported salary that is more than four times the median family income in the state.

According to a new survey by the state Controller’s Office, Garcetti was paid $246,303 and received more than $11,000 in health and retirement benefits last year. Meanwhile, the median family income in the state is around $60,000, according to numerous reports.

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Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia ranked fourth among the state’s mayors with the greatest salaries, taking in $143,419, with around $40,000 in benefits. The state’s top-paid mayor was Ed Lee of San Francisco at $297,387.

The survey also seemed to conclude that smaller cities reward their municipal workers with greater salaries than larger places.

The cities with the highest average pay were Vernon, in Los Angeles County, $108,673; Cathedral City, in Riverside County, $102,802; and Hayward, in Alameda County, $101,668.

The industrial city of Vernon, a small enclave about five miles from downtown Los Angeles, is often cited as California’s smallest incorporated town with a population just greater than 100.

Cathedral City, with a population of a bit more than 50,000, is often thought of as a less-pricey residential area when compared to upscale neighbors Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage and Palm Desert in Riverside County’s Coachella Valley.

The Controller’s Office data released Tuesday encompasses 686,418 positions that generated a total of more than $44 billion in wages in 2016, in 53 counties and 470 cities that submitted their salary information.

The average compensation for municipal employees in California in 2016 was $65,125 in wages, with an additional $19,258 worth of retirement and health benefits.

Among county governments, the average employee pay statewide was $64,779, with $25,180 in benefits. Santa Clara County paid the most in average wages, at $85,650, and San Diego County ranked 20th, at $56,293.

–Staff and wire reports

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