The City Council Wednesday directed the Los Angeles Police Department to study ways to improve safety measures for the observation deck at City Hall.

On Sept. 11, a distraught man triggered a significant response from the city’s police and fire departments when he climbed over the railing of the observation deck and sat on an edge of the building. Main Street in front of City Hall was shut down until first responders were able to convince the man to climb back over the railing and take him into custody.

A motion passed by the council on a 13-0 vote notes that it wasn’t the first time someone either threatened to jump or fell from City Hall’s 27th floor observation deck. In June 2016, a 25-year-old woman seated on a ledge outside the Tom Bradley Room fell from the observation deck after suffering a medical emergency. She landed on an air conditioning grate 30 feet below and survived her fall.

City Hall is a historic building, and the tower’s observation deck is open to the public and is a draw for tourists from around the world,” the motion states. “While the observation deck is ringed by rails, the possibility still exists that someone can fall or jump from the tower. These incidents have highlighted that hazard, as well as the need to consider changes to City Hall safety measures at the observation deck to ensure the safety of the public, before someone is seriously injured or killed.”

–City News Service

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