Flu-Shot vaccine
Photo courtesy of San Diego County News Center

Backers of an initiative that would ban genetically engineered food, plants and animals and over 300 listed substances from being used or released into the environment have received authorization to begin gathering signatures, Secretary of State Alex Padilla announced.

The initiative would prohibit treatment of water with fluoride or chlorine, regulate vaccine ingredients and eliminate vaccination as a prerequisite for attendance at schools and daycare facilities.

What proponent Cheriel Jensen has dubbed the “California Clean Environment Initiative” would also create the California Clean Environment Authority that would regulate environmental activities, modify projects having pollution and radiation impacts, and test and approve substances before they can be introduced in California.

The authority would be governed by a three-person board elected statewide.

Jensen said Wednesday she was prompted to write the initiative because of the rising incidence of cancer, autism and other diseases she said are linked to exposure to toxic chemicals, genetically modified organisms or radiation.

If the initiative were to become law, it would result in a substantial net change in state and local finances, according to an analysis made by the Legislative Analyst’s Office and Department of Finance.

Valid signatures from 365,880 registered voters — 5 percent of the total votes cast for governor in the 2014 general election — must be submitted by Aug. 6 to qualify the measure for the November ballot, Padilla said.

—City News Service

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