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Delegates will vote on endorsements Sunday on the final day of the three-day California Republican Party 2022 Convention in Anaheim.

The four gubernatorial candidates eligible for an endorsement are Sen. Brian Dahle, R-Bieber, entrepreneurs Jenny Rae Le Roux and Anthony Trimino, and Shawn Collins, a lieutenant commander in the Navy Reserve Judge Advocate General’s Corps.

To be eligible for an endorsement, the candidate was required to obtain nominations for endorsement from at least 200 delegates by March 23 and be continuously registered as a Republican residing in California for at least one year before the start of the convention.

Four gubernatorial candidates seeking the endorsement failed to obtain sufficient nominations — attorney David Lozano, businessman/farmer/broadcaster Leo Zacky, business owner Lonnie Sortor and entrepreneur Major Williams.

A candidate needs to receive at least 60% of the votes from the voting delegates to receive an endorsement.

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