Voters in La Quinta Tuesday evening appeared to favor phasing out and permanently banning non-hosted, short-term vacation rentals in the city by 2025.

Early election results indicated that the pro-ban camp was holding a thin lead favoring implementation of Measure A.

If approved, renting a residential dwelling to someone for 30 consecutive days or less while not living on-site or in the unit throughout the occupant’s stay would be prohibited as of Dec. 31, 2024.

The measure would not apply to hosted short-term vacation rentals, in which the owner is on-site and in the unit throughout the renter’s stay.

According to city officials, if Measure A passes, the city will phase out the renewal of existing permits prior to the permanent ban taking effect.

Measure A has the support of former Mayor Don Adolph, former Desert Sands Unified School District Board of Education President Gary Tomak, city founder Kay Wolff, and Laguna de la Paz HOA President John Guerrini.

Mayor Pro Tem Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Councilman Robert Radi, La Quinta Resort & Club Vice President Christopher Devine and Old Town La Quinta developer Wells Marvin oppose the measure.

“The reality of Measure A’s unintended consequences will undoubtedly impact La Quinta’s quality of life and economy,” Fitzpatrick and Radi wrote in an argument opposing the measure. “Consequences will include canceled or delayed public works projects, and lack of maintenance of our aging infrastructures, roads, parks and amenities.”

In a rebuttal, supporters said passing the measure “promotes the conversion of residential short-term vacation rentals into family homes, adding millions to the local economy and school budget.”

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