2014 Most Dangerous Celebrity graphic. Courtesy McAfee, Inc.
2014 Most Dangerous Celebrity graphic. Courtesy McAfee, Inc.

Mindless clicking could lead to cyber disaster for fans of Jimmy Kimmel, Ciara or Bruce Springsteen. The 2014 list of “McAfee Most Dangerous Celebrities” features stars spanning all genres of comedy, music and screen.

The computer security company McAfee released the list Wednesday, warning internet users of the top celebrity name searches leading to
websites “that has tested positive for online threats, such as spyware, adware, spam, phishing, viruses and other malware.”

“Celebrity names coupled with the terms ‘video’ and ‘picture’ are some of the most-searched terms on the Internet,” said McAfee Chief Privacy Officer Michelle Dennedy in a statement. “Cybercriminals exploit consumers’ need to be updated on celebrity news, leading them to sites that can harm their devices and compromise personal data. We want to ensure we’re equipping consumers with the knowledge they need to keep both themselves and their devices safe.”

Celebrity names with the highest percentage of risk were:

1 Jimmy Kimmel 19.38%
2 Armin van Buuren 19.33%
3 Ciara 19.31%
4 Flo Rida 18.89%
5 Bruce Springsteen 18.82%
6 Blake Shelton 18.47%
7 Britney Spears 18.19%
8 Jon Bon Jovi 17.64%
9 Chelsea Handler 17.22%
10 Christina Aguilera 16.67%

The study was conducted using searches with the celebrity names and with the addition of the terms “downloads,” “mp4,” or “torrentz.”


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