Photo: Instagram/Jessica Seinfeld
Photo: Instagram/Jessica Seinfeld

When life gives you lemons, comedian Jerry Seinfeld tries to make lemonade, but apparently it doesn’t always work.

Seinfeld’s East Hampton Village neighbors called the police while he and his family were recently running a lemonade stand for charity, according to reports.

Police responded after getting a complaint about cars that were illegally parked on the green by the lemonade stand, which was drawing attention to the area, according to a police report.

The family agreed to “pack up the stand and leave the area,” the report says.

An officer told the family that lemonade stands were not allowed on village property, according to reports.

Jessica Seinfeld, Jerry’s wife, posted a photo on her Instagram page of her kids standing with their hands on their heads “surrendering” to police.

The Seinfelds were raising money for Jessica’s charity, Baby Buggy, which provides families in need across the country with essential gear, clothing, products and services.

Fans and friends like Jason Alexander, a.k.a. George didn’t seem to mind though. Check out the tweets on Twitter.


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