Steven Spielberg said in a recent interview that “we were around when the Western died, and there will be a time when the superhero movie goes the way of the Western.”

Steven Spielberg. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Steven Spielberg. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Say it ain’t so! (we hear Comic-Con crying).

Mike Cavna of The Washington Post responded:

“In some corners of the fanboy world, there is gnashing of teeth and rending of cosplay garments when Spielberg seems to be signaling the demise of the superhero trend, no matter how distant his horizon line for such change may be.

“But given the degree to which WB/DC and Disney/Marvel are absolutely packing their dockets with superhero films through decade’s end (with Sony and Fox also in the mix), it’s a bit silly to think there won’t be commercial disappointments along the way.”

Cavna’s objection to Spielberg’s scenario: “You don’t need to hear spurs to know you’re watching a Western. A ‘classic’ Western — even one of more recent vintage like ‘Unforgiven’ or the Coen Bros’s ‘True Grit’ remake or Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’ — does allow for the sound design of whirring six-shooters and the fast slap of leather chaps. … Whether your hero is Glenn Ford or Harrison Ford, the cinematic beats of the Western cross into a long, winding trail of genre hybrids.”

How are others reacting?

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