Chris Hemsworth in "Ghostbusters." Photo via Sony Pictures
Chris Hemsworth in “Ghostbusters.” Photo via Sony Pictures
Thor, we hardly knew ye. Again shape-shifting as an actor, hunky Aussie Chris Hemsworth is a secretary to the all-female Ghostbusters in the remake.

As Maxim noted:

“No matter how hard he tries, Chris Hemsworth will forever be known to the public as Thor, God of Thunder and all-around behemoth of a man. That’s why when we got our first glimpse of him taking on the role of the Ghostbusters’ secretary, originated by Annie Potts, it was even better than we ever imagined. Set up at a desk in a salmon shirt, red tie, and nerd glasses, you can expect the bulging Australian actor’s take on the mousey character to be worlds apart from his other stronger, manlier roles.”

Much appreciation flowed on social media:

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