Is Donald Trump a Hitler or Voldemort? Is Marco Rubio the Harry Potter who can defeat him? Now the silly season is here for sure.

Sen. Marco Rubio. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
As noted: “Marco Rubio’s backers have bestowed the ultimate compliment on their candidate: comparing him to Harry Potter, with Donald Trump as the evil wizard Lord Voldemort. Politico uncovered a fundraising email from the Super PAC supporting Rubio that makes the comparison at length. The authors of the email compare Rubio’s path to the nomination — which they say must end in a one-on-one battle with Trump — to Harry Potter’s preparation to battle Voldemort.”

Earlier, a columnist for The Washington Post raised the “banality of evil” argument against the New York billionaire.

More from the Vox analysis:

“For many reasons, the climactic battle between good and evil at a fictional wizarding school is a poor analogy for the 2016 presidential race. That said, an important correction is in order: The email’s authors don’t seem to understand how horcruxes work. While it’s true Rubio needs to defeat Kasich, Sen. Ted Cruz, and Dr. Ben Carson — whom the email accused of being horcruxes — to get the nomination, it is extremely unlikely that Trump has actually embedded pieces of his soul in their bodies.”

Harry Potter fans immediately began the Rubio dissection.

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