Some presidential endorsements are too good to be true. The latest says Charles Manson, leader of the L.A. murder cult, endorsed Donald Trump. Not so.

Hoax headline with photo of Charles Manson. Photo via Facebook
As hoax-busting site Snopes said Tuesday: “Readers who clicked through to the underlying article might have noticed something odd from the outset: ‘Family cult leader Charles Manson endorsed Donald Trump for President from San Quentin Prison. “He’s the best man for the job, and he speaks his mind,” Charlie said during a telephone conversation with this reporter.”

ShareonFB is a prank-generating web site, not a legitimate news outlet. A tendency of many readers not to look past headlines enables obvious pranks like the one above to spread more readily. Previous user-generated pranks with which Share on FB saw incidental viral success included a mid-2015 claim that cult favorite television series Firefly was being rebooted.”

And Manson isn’t in San Quentin, either. He’s at Corcoran State Prison.

Some on social media caught on fast.

Others have yet to receive the memo:

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