Jeff Wysaski is the Banksy of fake signs. At the Los Angeles Zoo, his latest target, he surreptitiously posted “Animal Fact” signs with zoo logos.

Jeff Wysacki. Image via
Jeff Wysacki. Image via
One said: “Meerkats can control electronics with their minds. If your cell phone rings DO NOT ANSWER IT! It is one of our meerkats asking for you to help it escape and they are VERY PERSUASIVE.”

The comedian posted the signs to his Facebook page, called Obvious Plant, saying: “The L.A. Zoo is now a little more interesting.”

L.A. Zoo spokeswoman April Spurlock said the signs were taken down shortly after they were posted June 30.

On Facebook, a commenter posted: “L.A. zoo would be mad to take them down. Nothing like some free publicity and the promise of a bit of laughter to get people in. Damn, I want to go but U.K. to L.A. would make it an expensive zoo trip!!!”

This was but the latest outing for Wysacki, as Huffington Post noted.

A year ago, he posted fake paint-color names at a store, saying: “Paint colors always have such ridiculous names — Emerald Isle, Toasted Almond, etc. I just thought it would be fun to take it one step further and make them even more ridiculous.”

Earlier, Wysacki posted fake pet-store signs.

“Looking to buy a turtle? Wysaski calls it a ‘Regular Boring Normal Turtle’ that is ‘not teenaged, not mutant, not ninja.’ Can you not see any fish in the shop’s tank? That’s because it’s inhabited by an ‘Invisible Jenny’ that could use a few ‘tiny sweaters,’” said Huffington Post.

His archive of prank signs can be found on his Tumblr site. Wysacki also tweets.

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