Kim Kardashian. Photo via Instagram
Kim Kardashian. Photo via Instagram

Uh-oh, is the Kardashian clan in danger of losing its long running show Keeping Up With the Kardashians?

According to the celebrity news site Radar Online: “Viewers abandoned KUWTK in droves, giving Season 12 the lowest ratings thus far. The season premiere pulled in a little over 2 million viewers, a dismal number that dropped steadily every week thereafter.”

Apparently, the June 26 episode wasn’t much better with only 1.23 million viewers, according to, making it the lowest rated episode ever.

Have one-time fans finally gotten tired of the plastic surgery and the naked selfies?

Could Rob Kardashian and Black Chyna’s new reality show push the family’s one time popular reality show off the screen or simply steel its thunder?

It looks like the July 3 episode picked up when Rob once again shocked his family with news that Blac Chyna was expecting his baby and reportedly had 1.51 million views so says,

If you have been hiding under a rock or simply don’t ‘keep up,’ it was reported recently that, Rob and Blac are currently filming their own reality show spin-off, which will focus on “their blooming love story, engagement, wedding and the birth of their child.”

What do you say? Has the time come for the Kardashian family to hang it up?







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