Pope Francis is fashioning himself the anti-Trump, calling on the West to accept even more refugees. In America, some consider the pontiff the anti-Christ.

Pope Francis speaks to journalists on his flight back to Rome following a visit at Armenia on June 26, 2016. Photo by Tiziana Fabi via Reuters
Over the weekend, Francis said European nations could fight terrorism by accepting even more refugees — globally numbering more than the population of Italy.

“I encourage you to welcome refugees into your homes and communities, so that their first experience of Europe is not the traumatic experience of sleeping on cold on the streets, but one of warm human welcome,” Francis told Jesuits who gathered for a conference titled “Global Migration and Refugee Crisis: Time to Contemplate and Act.”

One Facebook user responded: “[New World Order] Leader Pope Francis should fill the Vatican with the terrorists and rapists and tear down his fortress wall before he starts giving stupid advice.”

Cruxnow.com noted that the pope called authentic hospitality “our greatest security against hateful acts of terrorism.”

Each refugee “has a name, a face and a story, as well as an inalienable right to live in peace and to aspire to a better future” for their children, the site reported. “At this place and time in history, there is great need for men and women who hear the cry of the poor and respond with mercy and generosity.”

Pushback came online from supporters of Donald Trump, who on Tuesday repeated his call for limits on immigration.

Here are some of their reactions to Pope Francis:

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