Marla Maples. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Marla Maples. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Marla Maples was married to Donald Trump from 1993 to 1999. So now she’s a prime suspect in the leak of his 1995 tax details to The New York Times.

A prime proponent of that theory is Politico writer Yashar Ali, who offered a set of theories in a Medium post.

“Outside of Mr. Trump, Ms. Maples would be the only other person that could legally provide the tax returns to an outside party,” Ali said.

And The New York Times didn’t mention contacting Maples.

“Even if she didn’t return their calls or emails, they would still indicate that they reached out to her and had not heard back,” he said.

Ali said of Maples’ possible motivations: “It would certainly exact the ultimate revenge on a man who once had his lawyer say to a reporter, ‘Ms. Maples didn’t have the capacity to understand, participate, or take a role in the business world.’”

The Daily Beast backed up the Maples-as-leaker story: “Maples returned from visiting family in Georgia with (daughter) Tiffany to New York, where she now lives, on September 20th. We met the 21st. The Times received the tax returns the 23rd.”

A mysterious Maples tweet also is being seen as confirmation of the leak.

Fans of the Maples theory:

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