Rant-master Lewis Black was in his most furious fine fettle Wednesday on “The Daily Show” with an appeal to vote in the November election.

Lewis Black on “The Daily Show.” Image via YouTube.com
He didn’t mince words targeted at millennials.

“Listen, jerk, this isn’t like deciding not to go to the movies because they all suck,” Black said. “Fact is, we’re going to have to see a movie whether we like it or not — and that movie is going to be four years long. And you better hope it’s not the one that ends with Trump nuking Wisconsin.”

Rawstory.com noted that some younger voters will vote for marijuana legalization measures but not for president.

To which Black said: ““Why choose? Why not vote for weed to be president? At least then, if this country goes down in flames, we’ll all get a nice contact high. On the other hand, if Trump gets elected — weed’s not going to help. You’re going to need a f*cking anesthetic. And by anesthetic, I mean a suppository about this big that I’m going to shove up each and every one of your asses.”

Not getting any gentler, Black concluded:

“Come on, millennials, I know we f*cked things up for you — but we were counting on you to fix things, not finish the job. Is there nothing you people care about enough to get off your ass and vote?”

Reaction to the rant:

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