Tatyana Ali via Wikimedia Commons.
Tatyana Ali via Wikimedia Commons.

Former “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” actress Tatyana Ali lost a round Wednesday in her lawsuit alleging Warner Bros. and Time Warner Inc. stole what she says was her idea for a show similar to “The Real.”

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Joanne O’Donnell ruled that Ali’s lawyers will have to shore up most of the seven allegations in the lawsuit, including those for misappropriation of trade secrets, breach of confidence and breach of implied contract. The judge dismissed Ali’s claim for unjust enrichment, saying it was not a cause of action, but instead a “general principle.”

O’Donnell wrote in her ruling that most of the claims were filed a year late. She also found that there were not enough details to support the misappropriation of trade secrets allegation.

“(Ali) alleges that she engaged in numerous pitch meetings where her concept was discussed, but (she) does not allege any facts that … suggest her ideas were to be kept secret,” O’Donnell wrote.

Ali, 37, filed her lawsuit on July 15. She says she approached the defendants in 2012 to produce a show that featured “an eclectic group of engaging female celebrity hosts, each aged within their 20s and 30s” in a “relaxed and informal setting.”

The producers ultimately decided to pass on her proposal, but six months later “The Real” aired in July 2013 “to the complete exclusion of the plaintiff,” the suit states.

Ali alleges “The Real” was a direct copy of her idea because it features an “ethnically diverse female celebrity host panel” that “even includes several of the same exact female celebrity hosts that the plaintiff directly named and specifically suggested to the defendants within her concept.”

–City News Service 

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