Justin Bieber. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Justin Bieber. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

A construction superintendent says he heard Justin Bieber threaten to shoot a man in a Calabasas neighborhood and that he saw the singer try to spit on the person, according to new court documents filed in a lawsuit against the pop star.

“Get off my property or I’m going to shoot you,” Bieber told Jeffrey Schwartz, according to Hector Castaneda, who was working at a nearby home during the 2013 confrontation.

Shortly thereafter, Bieber attempted to spit upon Schwartz, Casteneda said.

“But I don’t think the spit went into the guy, or I mean touched to the guy because he’s … four feet away,” Casteneda said.

In reaction to the spitting incident, Schwartz warned Bieber, “I’m gonna call the cops right now,” Castaneda testified. However, Castaneda denied plaintiff Schwartz’s claim that Bieber was speeding in his Ferrari, saying the car simply has a loud engine.

Bieber’s lawyers want a judge to reclassify a lawsuit brought by Schwartz and his wife, Suzanne, so that they cannot be awarded more than $25,000 on claims of assault, battery and emotional distress related to the singer’s alleged threats and racing inside the gated community.

Bieber’s attorneys state in their court papers that the plaintiffs did not lose any income, never saw medical professionals or took medications for their alleged emotional distress and are not claiming any unreimbursed property damages.

“In short, plaintiffs have no damages that would exceed the jurisdictional threshold of $25,000,” Bieber’s lawyers state in their court papers.

The couple sued Bieber in March 2015 in Los Angeles Superior Court, seeking unspecified damages. The lawsuit states Jeffrey Schwartz was working in his home office when he heard Bieber’s Ferrari speeding and skidding to a stop at about 9 a.m. on March 27, 2013.

The suit states that Schwartz went over to Bieber’s house and asked him to drive slower because children often play in the neighborhood. The plaintiff claims Bieber responded by motioning to his two bodyguards, who asked Schwartz to leave.

But Bieber’s lawyers state in their court papers that their client denies he was racing and instead maintains Schwartz was mad at him because of the loud sound of the Ferrari’s engine. Bieber also says he did not spit on Schwartz and that the man screamed at him after coming onto his property, according to the singer’s attorneys.

The Schwartz lawsuit also alleges the couple suffered emotional distress after Bieber threw eggs at their home in January 2014, resulting in more than $80,000 in property damage. However, the singer paid for all the couple’s claimed property damage and there is no evidence they suffered any physical inquiries, according to Bieber’s attorneys’ court papers.

Bieber, now 22, no longer lives in the plaintiffs’ neighborhood. A hearing on the reclassification motion is scheduled for Jan. 17.

–City News Service

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