Amy Adams. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Amy Adams. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Amy Adams’ fans expected the arrival of an Oscar nomination. She didn’t get it — one of the biggest “snubs” of Reveal Day. But ABC angered others by mistakenly posting on that she got a nod.

Fortunately, Adams wasn’t aware at first of the misfire, sources told the Hollywood Reporter.

“We apologize to the Academy, press and fans for any confusion,” the network said after Adams and Tom Hanks were listed as nominees on

“This morning, in an attempt to release breaking news as announced, ABC Digital briefly posted inaccurate nomination information on the website,” ABC said. “The nominees announced by the Academy on Twitter were accurate. ABC quickly identified and corrected the errors.”

Adams wasn’t alone in the snubs department.

Some outlets named five should-have-gotten-noms. Others listed as many as 20.

“With 2016 yielding a bumper crop of excellent films and performances, some perfectly worthy potential nominees were bound to get edged out,” said Rolling Stone, which named “Silence,” “Deadpool” and “Sully” among the biggest left-outs.

Other snub-spotting:

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