Hillary Clinton at a book signing in San Diego. Photo by Chris Stone/Times of San Diego

Hillary Clinton appears to be taking a page out of the Richard Nixon playbook, planning a book and speaking tour.

After his 1974 resignation from the White House, Nixon wrote a series of books on foreign policy. Now it’s been reported that Clinton will pen a book of essays.

“He remained an acknowledged expert on foreign policy, gave countless speeches around the world, and authored several well-regarded books,” wrote Ken Hughes on the Miller Center history page. “The high-water mark in his campaign for rehabilitation was probably a 1986 Newsweek cover story, entitled, ‘He’s Back: The Rehabilitation of Richard Nixon.’”

Newsweek isn’t what it used to be, so Clinton may have to hope for a Time cover.

In any case, NBC News reports: “Hillary Clinton will reflect on her loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election as well her life in politics in general in a new collection of personal essays set to be published this fall, Simon & Schuster announced Wednesday.”

The New York Post added that Clinton is “testing her worth on the free market by returning to the speaking circuit. Clinton has signed on with the Harry Walker Agency, the Associated Press reported, where she regularly commanded $200,000 or more per speech before her failed campaign for the White House.”

The commenters were quick to capitalize on the comedic value.

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