Guys just wanna have fun. Especially those with Instagram accounts with millions of followers that serve as promotional tools.

Justin Bieber. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

So it was no surprise that Justiin Bieber signaled Friday that he would reactivate his Instagram feed, according to T-Mobile. The pop star will appear in a Super Bowl spot, the cellphone company announced.

USA Today added: “Last year, much to the chagrin of his millions of Instagram followers, Justin Bieber deleted, then reactivated, and then finally quit the photo-sharing service for good. his account, and then finally quitting for good, But after a five-month hiatus, he’s giving his least favorite social media platform another shot.”

@justinbieber is the handle to watch.

Here’s the first comeback post:

Let me see your #unlimitedmoves

A video posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

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