Again using President Trump as Straight Man in Chief, Stephen Colbert took up a POTUS challenge to say he’s a horrible human being to his face as a non-anonymous source.

Stephen Colbert speaks to “Trump’s face” on “The Late Show.” Image via
“Sir,” Colbert said Monday night on “The Late Show,” “It would be my honor to say it to your face. Just walk over to your TV screen and let me just get right up and: ‘You, Donald Trump, are a horrible, horrible human being.'”

Later in the show, his old boss Jon Stewart basically said the same of the news media.

After riffing on the theme of Trump’s “breakup” with the media, Stewart advised the press to “kick Trump to the curb” because a “70-year-old man doesn’t get less cranky or racist as time goes by.”

He looked into the “camera to the media” and said: “Take up a hobby. I recommend journalism.”

Stewart had emerged from under Colbert’s desk, explaining he has a tunnel from his 12-acre farm in New Jersey.

He said: “I spent the whole day yelling about Trump to the animals.”

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