Bill O'Reilly. Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Bill O’Reilly is offered new job with Nevada hookers. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Disgraced ex-Fox superstar Bill O’Reilly has a new seven-figure job offer — anchoring an online show live for seven legal brothels in Nevada.

“We’re ready to take Bill O’Reilly from the ‘No Spin Zone’ to the ‘All Sin Zone,'” said the owner of the houses of prostitution. He promised O’Reilly will be free of any charges of sex harassment, as “we’re actually having sex in the workplace.”

Dennis Hof owns seven brothels in Nevada, including the famed Bunny Ranch.

“Allegations of serial sexual harassment have finally caught up to Bill, and it actually managed to get him fired from a network that considered settling those types of suits to be the cost of doing business,” says Hof, citing network head Roger Ailes’ recent departure under his own cloud of sexual harassment allegations.

“I’ve been on Bill’s show many times, and we’ve always had good on-air chemistry,” Hof said.  “In recent years we have expanded our online presence to include multiple weekly live streaming shows from my seven Nevada brothels, and I can sure use a veteran television personality like him.”

 Hof acknowledged O’Reilly may have other job offers despite the sex harassment cloud under which he left Fox. And there was no word from O’Reilly if he would consider the position. But Hof said his offer is unique in that O’Reilly will not have to worry about offending anyone.
“I’ve had sex with hundreds of my prostitutes over the years,” said Hof.  “At my establishments, we’re actually having sex in the workplace. Bill would be more than welcome to try to convince our girls here to have sex with him as a way of currying favor and getting ahead in the company — but even if they don’t fall for it, he can actually pay them for their sacrifices and enjoy their services at a healthy employee discount.
“Apparently he didn’t have many takers at his old job, which must’ve been rough on his self-esteem.”

Aside from sex and money, Hof said he’s offering O’Reilly Obamacare benefits.

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