Was Scott Pelley let go as “CBS Evening News” anchor because he didn’t have the right tone on Donald Trump?

That’s the speculation after the network announced that Pelley will return full-time to “60 Minutes,” where he’s been a fixture for six years.

ABC News said: “CBS’ effort to brand itself as the home of hard-edged newscasts has been a success in the morning, not so much in the evening — and … Pelley paid the price for it with his job.”

Lee Kamlet, a former ABC News producer and dean of the communications school at Quinnipiac University, said: “It would be a mistake to take from this that people don’t want a solid news program.”

“But they are more inclined to want it in the morning, when they haven’t been on their news and social media feeds throughout the night.”

Pelley’s onscreen demeanor — “strict and steeling, disavowing both charm and irony” — was appropriate for the nation’s mood in the wake of last decade’s financial crisis, news consultant Andrew Tyndall told ABC.

“But it has proven less so for the Trump era.” ABC said. “Despite a heightened interest in news that has propelled cable personalities like Rachel Maddow to new heights in recent months, the evening newscasts haven’t benefited. Collectively, the three networks reach 24.2 million each night, down 4 percent from last year, the Nielsen company said.”

Other people on Pelley, successor to Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather:

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