Donald Trump doesn’t much like the media, so he’d probably like this: A Los Angeles TV news reporter was vomited on during a live report at a South Bay beach beer-chugging event.

In 2013, KTLA reporter Wendy Burch was a YouTube star when she had an “epic fall” at a mall while covering Black Friday. (In high heels.)

Wendy Burch chats with entrant at Hermosa Beach beer-chugging event after being sprayed moments earlier. Image via

In 2015, the Emmy winner was doing a street stand-up on the Olympics when a man sidled up from behind and gave her a viral startle.

It’s 2017. What’s Wendy done to top that?

On the Fourth of July, she embedded herself in a rowdy Hermosa Beach event that ended with “triathletes” chugging six-packs of beer and losing it in short order.

One not-so-polite gent made her collateral damage when he vomited on her during a live feed. She instantly became a YouTube sensation with at least two dozen iterations of the projectile puking.

She was praised for her poise and professionalism. Some fellow journos called her a hero. She soldiered on.

“Thank you BuzzFeed for referring to me as a ‘National, vomit soaked treasure,'” she tweeted.

Knowing a good story, Burch wrote one — a hilarious 950-word account for HuffPost, where she’s a regular contributor.

After the morning’s indignities, she said she “drove home, [and] took a hot shower and a long nap.”

“When I woke, I was greeted by thousands of retweets, links to the YouTube video, and a message from a ‘New York Times’ reporter who wanted to talk about ‘the incident.’

She recounted how she once had a nightmare about reporting in the middle of a mosh pit with hundreds of sweaty men throwing up around her.

“To all of you aspiring journalists out there, I’m here to tell you, dreams really do come true ― especially in the age of viral videos.”

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