Kellyanne Conway went on Donald Trump’s favorite punching bag network Monday morning to trade blows with CNN’s Chris Cuomo.

A scheduled 18-minute bout turned into a commercial-free 36-minute slugfest that spilled online, with the counselor to president tweeting: “Here’s how you and I are different: you want to talk about Russia; I want to talk about America.”

Smiling throughout, Conway rebutted Cuomo over differing statements by Donald Trump Jr. over his pre-election meeting with a Kremlin-connected lawyer.

Cuomo raised the credibility issue, telling Conway that “there are huge legal and ethical implications” to Trump Jr.’s choice to speak with a Russian in hopes of getting opposition research.

“I’m not going to agree with you on that,” Conway said. “You keep on saying ‘opposition research’ the way you guys constantly vomit words like ‘collusion’ and ‘Russian interference’ and ‘affecting the election,’ for all of which you have no evidence.”

London’s Daily Mail covered the exchange like a heavyweight bout, saying: “Cuomo talked over Conway throughout the interview, prompting her to declare then that the CNN host should let her know when she’s allowed to speak again.

“When Cuomo wouldn’t let her talk, Conway laughed and said his name a couple of times in a sing-songy voice as she tried to get his attention.

“‘You wanted to produce something because you’re invested in months now as a network in something that simply doesn’t exist,’ she finally said, trying to lump the story about Don Jr. in with other charges of Russian collusion that have not panned out.”

Fighting words continued on Twitter:

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