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A judge criticized attorneys on both sides Friday for not yet committing to hire a court reporter for the upcoming trial of a civil suit filed against Katt Williams by a woman who alleges she was assaulted at the comedian’s home in 2014 after using his bathroom without permission.

“It tells me this case is not worth anybody’s time,” Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Barbara Scheper said during a final status conference in plaintiff Jamila Majesty’s case.

Scheper said she cannot order the lawyers to have a court reporter, but noted the jury could ask for a re-reading of testimony during deliberations and that efforts to save money by not having one could backfire.

Scheper agreed to the lawyers’ request to reschedule the trial from July 31 to Sept. 11. The entertainer’s attorney, William Briggs, also said his client agreed to be questioned by Majesty’s attorney, Felton Newell, during a deposition on Aug. 9 in which the defendant will answer questions he previously declined to respond to on self-incrimination grounds. Briggs said prosecutors decided not to file charges against his client.

Scheper ordered that Williams bring with him to the deposition any documents he also previously refused to produce because of his Fifth Amendment concerns.

Majesty, 37, was present in court and walked with a cane. Williams did not attend the hearing.

The plaintiff, an aspiring actress, was invited by Williams to his Malibu home on July 18, 2014, the suit states. The two knew each other “socially and professionally” and had a “congenial” relationship, the suit states.

But after she used his bathroom without asking, she was “beaten and tortured by Williams and four … of his female companions for three hours,” the suit alleges.

Williams extinguished cigarettes on her face and she “feared for her life,” the suit states.

Majesty suffered broken ribs, split tendons and facial scarring in addition to emotional distress, the suit states.

Scheper scheduled another final status conference for Sept. 1 to discuss any outstanding issues before trial begins. She said the lawyers should prepare a statement about the case for the jury and have completed a joint witness list and jury instructions.

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