Waiting 20 months to spill the beans, Steve Harvey now says he wasn’t at fault for his announcing the wrong Miss Universe in 2015.

Steve Harvey gets it right at Miss Universe, crowning Miss Philippines. Photo via Facebook
“I can read and I can hear,” Harvey told reporters on the Television Critics Association press tour. “I read and I did what I was told to do.”

He said the person who prepared the errant instructions has yet to fess up. And the “Little Big Shots” host wouldn’t name the culprit.

“I took a bullet for a lot of people and I’m a bright guy,” Harvey said.

US magazine reported: “Despite realizing the mix-up, Harvey recalls that show executives instructed him to let the situation play out until they could run a correction.”

Harvey said: “They asked me not to walk out there; they said, ‘Don’t worry about it. We’ll fix it tomorrow in the paper.’ “My stupid behind said, ‘No, I’m gonna fix it tonight.’ And I took my dumb behind out there and, boy, if I would have known that I threw myself off of the cliff like that, I probably would have let them fix it in the paper, but I wasn’t raised that way. So I went out there. I just took it.”


“I wanted that lady from the Philippines to get her crown that night, so I did it,” he said.

But Harvey saw some humor:

“Here’s the funny part: On my vision board I was asking God to help my global brand and persona. After that happened, I was the most famous person on planet earth for 48 hours.”

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