With Anthony Scaramucci gone, who in the White House will step up to be the next go-to subject for TV comic ridicule?

John Oliver compares Trump policy adviser Stephen Miller to a Minion. Image via YouTube.com
It might be Stephen Miller, the 31-year-old White House “policy adviser and vitamin D deficient Minion” in John Oliver’s words.

On Sunday’s “Last Week Tonight,” Oliver needed only 3 minutes to maul Miller over his denigrating the Statue of Liberty’s Emma Lazarus poem.

“Miller spoke to the press last week about the White House’s support for a draconian immigration bill, which would slash legal immigration levels in half over a decade and make citizenship contingent on factors such as English ability, education levels, and job skills,” Oliver said.

CNN’s Jim Acosta noted the statue’s “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses” line from the “The New Colussus” poem engraved in Lady Liberty’s pedestal.

Miller considered the poem irrelevant because is wasn’t at first on the statue.

Oliver said: “Just because it wasn’t part of the original does not mean it is worthless. Some of the best things ever made were changed partway through. Did you know, for instance, there was a time when Fast and Furious movies didn’t have The Rock in them? It’s true. And they sucked. That’s why they added the …. Rock.”

Vanity Fair said Oliver expects Miller to be a colorful communications director, should he get the job.

“As proof, the comedian pointed to a video of Miller campaigning for student government, in which he asked, ‘Am I the only one who is sick and tired of being told to pick up my trash when we have plenty of janitors who are paid to do it for us?’”

The original Acosta-Miller exchange:

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