Anthony Scaramucci was grilled and filleted by Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show,” and was eaten alive on social media afterward.

The former White House communications director endured a series of tough questions about President Trump’s remarks on the Charlottesville tragedy and his 10-day tenure in the White House.

“You guys have been super rough on me, super rough on him, but he is a compassionate person,” Scaramucci said after being introduced to music from Queen [“can you do the fandango?”].

“It’s a super tough job. He made a step to give up what was a luxurious lifestyle. … Stephen, it’s a huge sacrifice to do this stuff.” said: “Perhaps it was intended to be a form of damage control after being fired so quickly? Or maybe it was an attempt at friendly, candid image rehabilitation after flying off the handle in an interview with a much-publicized interview with the New Yorker? An audition for a political pundit job at a cable network?

“Regardless — and despite the fact that Scaramucci’s late-night appearance was scheduled last week, before the events in Charlottesville took place — his defense of Trump’s response to the violence in Charlottesville only made him look worse.”

Colbert began with: “I said no gotcha questions. I promised you no gotcha questions, but I’m going to lead with one. Nazis, good or bad?”

“Super bad,” Scaramucci replied.

Also not so good are viewer reviews.

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