Mel B’s water-throwing reaction to a “rude” joke by fellow judge Simon Cowell almost stole the show on “America’s Got Talent.”

Mel B tosses fizzy water at fellow judge Simon Cowell on “America’s Got Talent.” Image via Twitter
As US magazine recounted: “Cowell, 57, made a joke at the expense of the former Spice Girl after magician Demian Aditya’s stunt flopped due to a technical malfunction. ‘I kind of imagine this would be like Mel B’s wedding night,’ he quipped. ‘A lot of anticipation, not much promise or delivery.’”

Mel B told ET’s Denny Directo: “He should know, if you say something inappropriate he’s gonna get like, stuff thrown at him. …In a friendly way.I made sure there was no ice in it this time… just fizzy water.”

But the British singer stormed off the set Tuesday, and “the two judges shared words during the commercial break and were able to move forward before the next performers took the stage,” ET said.

“I told him he was an asshole and that was it, and he goes, ‘Oh, whatever,'” Mel B was quoted as saying.

The singer — in the midst of a rough divorce with Stephen Belafonte — said she only had one regret: “I just [wish] I would have had cranberry juice in there or something, and then his whole body would be really sticky!”

Avoiding being collateral damage was German-born model and judge Heidi Klum, sitting between the adversaries.

“I just have to be quick, always,” she said. “When I feel it coming, I don’t know. Am I going backwards, am I going forward? You have to be quick with those two.”

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