Hillary Clinton might have to wear a helmet on her book tour. “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreli — the price-gouging exec — said on Facebook he’d pay $5,000 for a lock of her hair.

But if the government has its way, Shkreli will be locked up himself.

“Federal prosecutors late Thursday moved to revoke Shkreli’s ($5 million) bail, arguing that his recent conduct — including purported “threats and harassment” against former secretary of state and 2016 Democratic presidential race loser Hillary Clinton — show he poses a ‘danger to the community,’” said USA Today.

The bid to jail Shkreli comes a month after a jury in Brooklyn federal court convicted him of three counts of securities fraud, but acquitted him of five other criminal counts, noted CNBC.

“Shkreli, who plans to challenge that conviction, remains free and living in his Manhattan apartment while awaiting his yet-to-be-scheduled sentencing,” CNBC said.

Shkreli has been free on bond after his December 2015 arrest on charges he bilked investors in two healthcare industry-focused hedge funds and then improperly took money to repay them from Retrophin, a pharmaceutical company he previously headed.

He is best known for imposing a 5000 percent price hike on a medication used to treat a parasitic illness that typically afflicts those infected with the HIV virus or others with weakened immune systems.

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