The creators of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” say they hope the show soldiers on another 10 years.

Jeff Jenkins told The Daily Beast: “Right now we’re celebrating this 10-year anniversary, and my mantra is 10 more years. So yes, I would like to see Mason get married, I would like to see Kris Jenner get married again, I would like to see Khloé get married, I would like to see Kourtney — uhh — smile. So those are my hopes for the next 10 years.”

Added Gil Goldschein: “That works for me. Another 10 years.”

Jenkins is co-president of entertainment and development for Bunim/Murray, the company begins KUWTK. and Goldschein is chairman and CEO of Bunim/Murray.

Goldschein added an interesting — and ironic — insight: “Every year I go to the international markets, and in the early days I was going around talking to different buyers in different territories ’cause we viewed [Keeping Up] as that reality Brady Brunch.”

Jenkins says Kim Kardashian is good in her role, but knows when to say no.

“Kim might share with the producers, ‘OK, you guys are filming, but there’s no way that we can put this on TV,’ and then, you know, she has trust in us, and faith in us, and we will take that material and shape it to the best of our ability in editing to make sure we’re accurately and fully sharing the family’s point of view.”

“And yes, 99 times out of 100, they go, ‘Oh, you know what, this is really great. This is really important.’”

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