Twitter needs to learn Twitter. An official company account, @TwitterSafety, used three tweets to apologize for locking the account of LA actress Rose McGowan, who counts herself a Harvey Weinstein victim.

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McGowan, 44, apparently got in hot Twitter water by posting private info.

“We have been in touch with Ms. McGowan’s team,” said Twitter. “We want to explain that her account was temporarily locked because one of her Tweets included a private phone number, which violates our Terms of Service.”

The Washington Post said it found one recent, deleted tweet from McGowan’s timeline from Oct. 11. “Anonymously sent to me. They all knew. It starts here,” the tweet read.

“Attached was an image of a portion of an email that offered to set up a meeting with Bob, presumably Bob Weinstein from context, at a hotel in the early evening. The now-deleted image contained the full email signature of the person sending it, including their phone number, which could be a violation of Twitter’s rule against releasing ‘private information’ without permission,” the Post said.

Unlocked Thursday morning, the McGowan account fiasco led to outrage across social media (via #RoseArmy), including on Facebook and Instagram, where McGowan held forth.

The Hollywood Reporter noted: “The actress, who has emerged as a Hollywood voice after finding herself thrust into the center of the developing story of sexual misconduct, harassment and assault allegations against the movie mogul, took to her Instagram and Facebook accounts to relay the news of her temporary suspension, writing cryptically that “TWITTER HAS SUSPENDED ME. THERE ARE POWERFUL FORCES AT WORK. BE MY VOICE. #ROSEARMY.”

A sampling of statements:


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