Sixty-four years after Playboy broke barriers by featuring the nude Marilyn Monroe, the Playmate set for the November/December issue is another milestone.

Meet Ines Rau — transgender model.

The first man-turned-woman Playmate is French, of North African descent, who first was in Playboy in 2014.

“In March, the French edition of Vogue featured a transgender model for the first time on its cover, as did Marie Claire Spain in 2016,” said an Australia report.

“Rau said Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, an outspoken supporter of civil rights, had personally chosen her to be the magazine’s first transgender playmate before he died at the age of 91 in September, and ‘told me he was very proud of me.’”

Not everyone was pleased.

“Sorry but I like my women real, not 500 surgeries later,” said a commenter on Playby’s Facebook page.

Others turned off:

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